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ServerDefias Brotherhood


30/03/2015 05:52 AM

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Silence of Defias Brotherhood

Silence is a small, close brotherhood of Rogues, Rangers and Druids. We do almost anything for a price - be it spying, assassination, kidnap, the aquisition of needed items, or anything else that pays the right money.
You will recognise us by our mostly black and red clothing, and the tabard bearing the guild sigil, which is a scarlet dagger. We are led by Nightsun. His half brother, Lohtos Dawnblood is second in command.
Our guild motto is 'Stay Silent', but our unofficial motto is 'We've got your back'. We will do anything and everything to protect each other.

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Be on the look out!
09/01/2015 10:07 AM by Vainarian
Look out for two shadow preists - Silvari Duskwind and Nae'vin. they are dangerous mind controllers. Do not approach, but let Nightsun or Lohtos know immediately of their whereabouts.


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